Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline Ghastly - Beautiful Nightmare by Wig Man

With this post I'm going a bit off the realm of fashion in a traditional sense...but hey, who said dolls can't be fashionable too! If ever there was a doll that embodied haute couture, it would be Evangeline Ghastly.

My mother first introduced me to Evangeline Ghastly about a year ago, and I`ve been yearning for one of these hauntingly beautiful dolls ever since

Cemetery Wedding "Flying" by mistress11th
Cemetery Wedding "Flying", a photo by mistress11th on Flickr.

The Ghastly dolls are created by designer Joe Petrollese and sculpted by Robert Tonner, the fashion doll artist. When you see them, you can see how they were influenced by Tim Burton`s The Corpse Bride. They are just the most amazing dolls! Originally made of resin, you can now purchase a more affordable vinyl doll. Evangeline is ball jointed, with hand painted features, and comes in a designer outfit with a wig. Online you can collect a variety of outfits, wigs and accessories for her.

Visiting Frogmore Evangeline Ghastly by Inma & Momoko

Part of what makes these dolls fantastic is the story that comes with them. Read Evangeline's story...

Evangeline's Attic
Evangeline Tea & Sympathy Study ~ 5a (extra close-up) by mistress11th

To purchase you own Evangeline Ghastly doll, click the link below

Grave Concerns Evangeline Ghastly by Inma & Momoko
Evangeline Jaded wig session 6 - full lores by mistress11th


Claire said...

Beautiful! Never heard of these before! x

Eclectic Gypsy said...

Thank you for the comment, Claire. I think they are just so wonderful! Such amazing detailed work.

wickedfaerie said...

How breathtakingly Ghastly! They are so gorgeous I see why you covet them.

Vicky said...

OH my, but these are exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I ADORE these Ghastly dolls. How fun are they??? Just came through from Sue's blog to welcome you online. Your blog looks amazing. It is such a pleasure to meet you sweetie.

Eclectic Gypsy said...

Thank you Vicky. Your Valentine crafts are fantastic!

Eclectic Gypsy said...

Thank you so much Mina! I appreciate the welcome. Sue speaks so fondly of you. Your blog is wonderful, I really enjoyed the pictures you posted on Wednesday:)