Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gypsy Lovin'

Here are a few collage shots of my Spell and the Gypsy Collective goodies;)  I have quite the growing collection!
I didn't think Spell could top the cozy knits and beautiful prints of their previous Winter collection...
and then they started receiving their summer drops! 
 I could go for broke buying everything.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Nanette Lepore Varsity Lace Dress ~ Love or Hate?

I was watching Hart of Dixie a few nights ago, and couldn't take my eyes off the Nanette Lepore  Varsity Dress that Lemon was wearing on the December 4th episode, Sparks Fly. Despite the fact that I wasn't a big fan of the way actress Jaime King looked in the dress, I think this would look amazing on the right girl.  What do you think?  Love or hate?
  I love the colour combo of the hot coral/orange and blue.  This dress is out of my price range, so I have tried to come up with a way to create a variation of this look without breaking the bank. 
By matching this Free People Miles of Lace Dress in Snowcone ($128), with a Free People Seamless Mini in Coral ($28), you can get a similar look, and save yourself over half the cost.  (Note: the Miles of Lace Dress already comes with a slip that can be removed to layer with a brighter colour)  Both these items come with different colour choices, allowing you to play around with a colour combo that works for you:)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

DIY Studded Army Jacket

When I first saw this studded army jacket by Blu Moon, I knew I had to get my hands on one!  At the time, it was entirely sold out everywhere.  After searching on EBay, I came across a Blu Moon Vintage Army Jacket sans the studs.  This one had some patches on it, but the price was so affordable ($39!) that I purchased it anyway.  Once I received my jacket I was thrilled to find that I could pull most patches right off without any damage to the jacket, keeping the patches I liked.  I purchased two different types of pyramid rivets, both silver and gunmetal in  size 10mm, so that I could stud the jacket myself.  It took me over a year to get around to actually studding the jacket, but I finally finished and am really happy with the outcome.  For those interested in making your own studded army jacket, all you need is a thrift shop jacket, pyramid rivets and less than an hour of your time.  Couldn't be any easier.  Here are some camera is not the best, but you get the gist;)
Although it hard to see in the above photo, the rivets on the pockets are a mix of the silver and gunmetal.  The difference in rivets are easier to make out in the photo below.
I added gunmetal rivets along the shoulder seam.
Studs on the cuffs of the arms were done in silver.
There you have it...have fun getting crafty;)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Wish List

What would you like to find under the tree this year?
If I were to write a fantasy list of things I would love to unwrap this holiday season, this is what it would look like! 
This insanely beautiful kimono is a creation by talented Etsy shop designer Girl On A Vine.  With extra long fringe, this one-of-a-kind silk kimono is a reproduction 1920's piano shawl, and named after lyrics from a Zeppelin classic. Oh how I wish!!!
I love this felt boater by Free People.  You just know it will seamlessly fit into your wardrobe.  Like most one-size only hats, I know this will be a bit big on me.  I still want it...but on sale, please;)
The perfect little layering slip dress, a beautiful fit with a nice heavy lace.
What wish list would be complete without a great pair of shoes...or in my case, boots! 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Haute Hippie Fall 2012

When I saw these images from the Haute Hippie 2012 Fall Lookbook, I just had to share them! These photographs are so lovely.
This hat is so amazing! I know this Bianca Vintage Fedora in Peacock Blue would be perfect on my head...not so perfect for my budget. Saving grace is that it is made of 100% rabbit, which I just could never bring myself to wear. Now to find a great felt fedora in this colour!!!
Purchase Haute Hippie collection pieces at Shopbop and REVOLVE Clothing

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dylan George Skinny in Watercolor ~ Love or Hate?

Last night as I watching Pretty Little Liars, I couldn't help but notice how great Hanna (Ashley Benson)  looked in her Dylan George Skinny Leg Jeans in Watercolor.  Combined with an orange tank, she rocked the floral pant trend that is quickly picking up speed in Hollywood right now. 
 I am not really a fan of floral pants.  I find them too busy for my taste.  Admittedly, even I was tempted after seeing them on Hanna.  Fortunately for my bank account, I am smart enough to know that just because something looks amazing on someone else, does not mean it is meant for you.  Aside from my beloved Siwy Hannah, skinny is not normally my ideal fit, and the floral pattern is sure to emphasise my already generous assets;) 
I do like this particular floral pant more than any other I have seen thus far.  This is the only time I even contemplated, for a minute.  I think it is the colour scheme that I find so appealing. 
This is just one of those crazy trends that you are either going to fall madly in love with, or just altogether hate.  The grey area is slim on this one.  What do you think?
For those who can get yourself a pair for $189.00 US, by clicking on the link below.
To view more from Dylan George click here

Monday, 16 July 2012

Find Myself Drifting...

I had to share with you the new bedding my husband just bought for our little girl's next bedroom!  Even though she is just under a year and a half, we are starting to think about getting her new room ready for when she is two years old, and needs to be moved out of the nursery. 
At first I had really wanted a colourful, bohemian bedroom, but after showing my husband a few different looks I was contemplating, it became apparent that he disliked the mixed colour, patchwork quilts altogether!  His tastes favoured pastels, pinks/yellows/purples that reminded me of an Easter egg.  This was a happy medium!
 I consider this beautiful duvet cover, Anthropologie's Drifting Away in Lilac, to be frothy and full of whimsy.  Even though this is a bit a fussy, I am hoping to work a more ethereal look than princess.  This set is actually no longer available in store or online, but I was able to score it new and packaged on Ebay for half the price.  It was still a bit of a splurge, considering the deals you can get through Homesense with Cynthia Rowley's kids collections, but my daughter is already a 'daddy's girl' and my husband has already adapted to the 'only the best for my baby' mentality. 
The set that I purchased was offering a queen duvet cover, two standard shams (above), and one Euro sham (below).  Since Anthropologie would have sold these all individually, I was happy to find this listing.  The set does not include the bed skirt, I would have to purchase that separately.  I was not too concerned by this, because as of now, we are looking into a  twin Trundle bed.  I was a bit worried how a queen duvet would look on a twin bed, but figured a bit of extra fabric would work for the time being, and only makes sense considering our daughter would eventually have a double bed.
Admittedly, this may not be the most practical choice for a toddler, but it will be gorgeous!  Will update you with progress over the next six months on my latest project;)
To view Anthropologie's bedding click here