Friday, 27 January 2012

M.O.T.H. Metier

I am so excited to share with you some of the fabulous jewellery designs of M.O.T.H. Metier.  A few years ago, I met the creative force behind M.O.T.H., Cindy, through a mutual friend.  Cindy had brought some of her gorgeous pieces for some perspective clients to view during a gathering.  I was blown away.  Every piece was just so unique and beautiful.  I wanted to purchase everything I had the pleasure of seeing.   
Until I went on the M.O.T.H. website, I was not aware of the inspiration behind the name of the design collection.  It was there that I found out that M.O.T.H. stood for Mending Of The Heart.  A very apt name considering Cindy often uses semi-precious healing stones in her pieces.  As someone with a longtime interest in the healing properties of crystals and stones, this only made me more intrigued in her jewellery.  There is really something special about each piece.  For those curious, Metier has numerous definitions, including; an occupation, work or activity for which a person is particularly suited, and forte.
Original, Nature-inspired Jewellery. Every piece is unique and hand-made using quality construction and materials such as natural semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, natural pearls, glass, copper, brass, and sterling silver.
-M.O.T.H. Metier
Although I have not shown any pictures, there are many stunning ring
designs as well.
To view more visit the website
Call or email to make an appointment:
Unit 4 - 298 Pembroke St. E
Pembroke, ON K8A 3K3


wickedfaerie said...

I love the first bracelet and the torquoise bracelet. Beautiful! I'm am checking out her website now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, aren't these pieces just exquisite??? I am off to visit the site. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Some really beautiful pieces. What a talent!
If you check out my blog you will see I sent an award your way :)