Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Latest Boot Love

I've already established that I can be prone to impulse shopping, and sometimes my impulsive buy can turn into an utter waste of money.  I am no stranger to buyer's remorse.  This being said, sometimes my spur of the moment purchase can surprise me by turning into one of my absolute favourite items. 
When I first saw these Jessica Simpson boots I loved their style. Having never bought shoes of this brand before, I assumed they would be like every other pair that looked like them...difficult to walk in and once you took them off for a second, your feet would hurt too much to get them back on again. The type of shoe or boot I haven't been able to successfully wear since my early 20's...certainly not since I have had my daughter. I would have put them down without a second thought, but the store in which I was shopping was having a 50% off the lowest ticket price sale.
These boots were really reduced They had an original price point of $175.00, and had been marked down twice, once to around $130.00 and then again down to $89. Realising they were down to $44, I decided to try them on, and was surprised to find they elongated my legs. This usually is not the case with any ankle boot...normally this style cuts my already short legs even shorter. I paced around the store, and found them relatively easy to walk in, but I was still convinced that after an hour or two they would start to suck. I bought them anyway, thinking that maybe one day, I'd have a place...sans baby, to wear them out. 

This past weekend my husband and I were going to to dinner and a bar with friends, and I had no idea what to wear with my adorable Alice + Olivia Cut Out Sheath Dress.  All the heels I owned, that were matching, were all open toed and not suitable for the weather.  All my boots looked awkward or did not work...until I pulled these ankle boots out of the closet.  They were perfect with the dress.
 A couple miraculous things occurred while wearing these ankle boots.  First off, I did not at any point in the evening fall, this is pretty amazing considering I'm a clumsy person and these are some serious platforms with a dainty backing to the wedge.  Second, they were comfortable.  I wore them for about 8 hours, I was able to take them off and back on again without feeling as though I would die.  It was fantastic.  I fell madly in love with my spur of the moment, despite reservations, purchase.  I know that I will continue to pull these out of my closet for many more occasions.  I wish this happened to me more often! 


wickedfaerie said...

Very cute boots. Wear them now honey because take it from a platform shoe collector, lover and former wearer, one day you will not feel comfortable wearing platforms or wedges so enjoy them, embrace them and wear them any time you can.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when you get a pair of shoes/boots that are like that. Conversely I have had some that look like they should be comfortable, but aren't. Oh well you can't win them all!