Monday, 2 April 2012

Closet Goddis

As I am sure you have seen through my prior posts, I am a huge fan on the design label Goddis.  Goddis knits really capture the bohemian comfort and quality that I find irresistibly appealing.  Each collection consists of gorgeous patterns and colours, and maintains a laid back Californian vibe. Over the past few years, Goddis has become an essential label amongst Hollywood starlets.  Celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens, Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston have been spotted wearing Goddis.  I myself, have quite a growing collection!  Here are a few pieces...
This is a peek inside my closet...specifically my Goddis section!  A couple of pieces are missing from this shot.  I have since added more must have items:)  
Here's a closer look at some of my Goddis beauties... 
Goddis Hunter Pant in Natural Fade
These pants are so popular that some online stores have had to replenish and order more of the oh so in demand Huntley in Natural Fade! These comfy wide legged knit pants are also available in Cookies and Cream, Athens Blue, and Truffle Cream.
 The Goddis Naples Wrap may be my favourite piece within my Goddis collection.  I find this wrap so easy to wear with so many different outfits, and I really like the relaxed arm! I purchased this item in Del Sol, however the Naples style comes in a number of fabulous colours.  I would definitely buy this cut style again, especially in Jewel Tone.  Key Lime is also beautiful, as well as Sea Isle.
I am always pulling the Willow out of my closet and throwing it on overtop of just about everything.
Goddis Tica Sweater in Silver Lake
                                                            Goddis Tica in Silver Lake
The Goddis Tica is so cozy.  The fabric is a bit thicker and great for a cooler day.  

Such a gorgeous poncho!  This is another item I wish I had purchased smaller.  The pattern work and barcelona colour are a stunning pairing.

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Anonymous said...

These are so dreamy! My favorite is Goddis Risa in Barcelona both for the soft and well blended colors and also it looks like it would feel so delicate against my skin.

I also went to their site and fell in love with Goddis Linsey in Silver Sage. Oh, I need to save some money for one of these treasures. Thank you for updating my fashion knowledge. Hugs, Mina