Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dylan George Skinny in Watercolor ~ Love or Hate?

Last night as I watching Pretty Little Liars, I couldn't help but notice how great Hanna (Ashley Benson)  looked in her Dylan George Skinny Leg Jeans in Watercolor.  Combined with an orange tank, she rocked the floral pant trend that is quickly picking up speed in Hollywood right now. 
 I am not really a fan of floral pants.  I find them too busy for my taste.  Admittedly, even I was tempted after seeing them on Hanna.  Fortunately for my bank account, I am smart enough to know that just because something looks amazing on someone else, does not mean it is meant for you.  Aside from my beloved Siwy Hannah, skinny is not normally my ideal fit, and the floral pattern is sure to emphasise my already generous assets;) 
I do like this particular floral pant more than any other I have seen thus far.  This is the only time I even contemplated, for a minute.  I think it is the colour scheme that I find so appealing. 
This is just one of those crazy trends that you are either going to fall madly in love with, or just altogether hate.  The grey area is slim on this one.  What do you think?
For those who can get yourself a pair for $189.00 US, by clicking on the link below.
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Anonymous said...

Although I wouldn't wear them myself, for fear of appearing like mutton dressed as lamb, I do like them very much.

Anonymous said...

I am not personally a fan of floral pants, but I think tye dyed hippie jeans are preeeetttttty awesome. They'd be even better distressed. Hugs sweetie.

Susan R. Dudley said...

Nice floral pants but I love to wear black jumpsuit